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Assignment of Responsibilities under the
Public Service Management Act 1997




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Division: Youth Justice, Adoption, Youth and Participation Division
Grade: Assistant Secretary General


Responsibility at Asstant Secretary level for leading and driving reform in youth justice services, developing policy and legislation in the area of adoption and the effective administration of youth service funding and the reform of youth funding programmes and also for ensuring that the voice of children and young people is heard in decision making.

The Division is also responsible for supporting the work of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes and implementing Government’s decisions in relation to the work of the Commission.

Responsibility at Assistant Secretary and Director level shall comprise:

  • the achievement of objectives relevant to the area (as specified in the Department's Statement of Strategy 2016-2019 and its successors) and managing work to that end;
  • overseeing the day-to-day management of the business of the area;
  • advising Departmental Management and the Minister/Government on strategic direction, the formulation of policy and the implementation generally of relevant Government policies;
  • managing the overall performance of the area, including implementation of the Performance Management and Development System in the area;
  • the general management of staff in the area;
  • preparing the relevant elements of the Statement of Strategy and associated progress reports for approval by Departmental Management and the Minister;
  • strategic planning for the Assistant Secretary/Director area in line with the strategic objectives of the Division and the Department;
  • contributing to dialogue with other Departments, representative bodies (including the social partners) and interested organisations, as well as at EU and international forums, on economic and social matters and strategic developments;
  • ensuring the proper use of resources in the area, including effective governance and financial management, and the provision of cost-effective public services appropriate to the area, including the relevant agencies/bodies therein;
  • overseeing the assignment of specific responsibilities to individual officers or groups of officers within the area;
  • ensuring the maintenance of appropriate systems and structures to support the work of the area;
  • taking appropriate steps to ensure the effective management of risk in the area and contributing to the identification and management of corporate level risks;
  • ensuring the co-ordination and alignment of the area's activities with those of other areas within the Division and between Divisions, as appropriate and
  • participation on the MB and other internal management groups, including the Senior Management Team that comprises all Management Board members and PO’s/Heads of Units.