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Assignment of Responsibilities under the
Public Service Management Act 1997




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Division: Corporate and Business Support Division
Grade: Principal Officer
E-mail: anna_visser@dcya.gov.ie


Responsibility at Principal Officer level (Head of Research and Evaluation) for the research, evaluation and data functions in the Department, including the Growing Up in Ireland Study;  the delivery of the Department’s evaluation programme; the development and implementation of a number of data related initiatives including the development of the Department’s data infrastructure to support planning and evaluation; and the development of an indicator set for  Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures.


Responsibility at Principal level shall comprise:

  • acting to achieve, as far as possible, objectives relevant to the Unit in accordance with Divisional business plans and the Department's Statement of Strategy 2016 2019 and monitoring progress to that end;
  • strategic planning for the Unit in line with the strategic objectives for the Division;
  • the provision of policy advice to senior managers and the Minister;
  • implementation by the Unit of relevant policies in accordance with Government/Ministerial guidelines and directives;
  • managing the day-to-day business of the Unit;
  • management of staff in the Unit;
  • managing the overall performance of the Unit and promoting the effective performance of staff up to and including Assistant Principal, including through implementation of the Performance Management and Development System in the Unit;
  • ensuring the proper development of staff in the Unit through formal training, coaching etc;
  • ensuring the proper use of Unit-wide resources, including effective financial management, and the provision of cost-effective public services appropriate to the Unit;
  • overseeing the assignment of specific responsibilities to individual officers or groups of officer within the Unit;
  • the maintenance of appropriate systems and structures to support the work of the Unit;
  • taking appropriate steps to ensure the effective management of risk in the Unit;
  • co-ordinating the Unit’s activities with those of other Units;
  • representing the Department on external committees/groups where required; and
  • participation on internal management groups where required.