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Assignment of Responsibilities under the
Public Service Management Act 1997




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The mission of the department is to ‘meet the needs of
government and the public by providing value for money
defence and civil defence services and by coordinating
and overseeing the emergency planning process’. The
department plays a key role in providing aid to the civil
authorities, mainly in the areas of security, fishery
protection, maritime search and rescue and air ambulance
services, government air transport, and international
peacekeeping. The department’s Office of Emergency
Planning provides a key support to the Government Task
Force on Emergency Planning and also coordinates the
work of an Inter-Departmental Working Group on
Emergency Planning. The department also assists in the
provision of aid to the community through maintenance,
when necessary, of essential services. The department is
involved in a number of management activities, for
example, property management (of the Curragh and
other defence properties), provision of assistance for the
Irish Red Cross Society, and Civil Defence.