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As stated in the Department’s Statement of Strategy 2015 - 2017,  the Department has a central role in implementing Government policy and in advising and supporting the Government in developing an internationally recognized education and training system based on evidence informed policies designed to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of learners, society and the economy.  In formulating this advice the Department is guided by its mission which is to facilitate individuals through learning, to achieve their full potential and contribute to Ireland's social, cultural and economic development.   Improving the quality of our education and training system is key to the Government’s commitment to building a knowledge society and driving sustainable economic growth.  It is also a central element of the social recovery which the Government is committed to delivering.  The Department’s key priorities are centred on the four main themes of Learning for Life, Improving quality and accountability, Supporting inclusion and diversity and Building the right systems and infrastructure.  See the Department’s website at www.education.ie for more details.