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Assignment of Responsibilities under the
Public Service Management Act 1997




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Declan Lavelle

Commissioner of Valuation and Chief Boundary Surveyor(Acting)

E-mail: declan.lavelle@valoff.ie

Declan Lavelle

Commissioner of Valuation

The Valuation Office is an independent Government Office headed by the Commissioner of Valuation. The current holder of this position is Declan Lavelle, who was appointed to the post by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage under sections 10(5) - 10(7) of the Valuation Acts 2001 to 2020, as acting Commissioner of Valuation and acting Chief Boundary Surveyor under the Boundary Survey Act 1854.

The core function of the Valuation Office is the establishment and maintenance of a uniform and equitable valuation base on which commercial rates are levied by Local Authorities, as provided by the Valuation Acts 2001 to 2020. These valuations are integral to the commercial rating system in Ireland and form the basis for approximately €1.4 billion of Local Government funding each year.

As acting Commissioner of Valuation, Declan Lavelle has responsibility for the overall management of the Valuation Office including management of staff and financial resources, delivery of the core remit of the Office to provide up to date valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and to rating authorities, delivery of the national revaluation programme, delivery of a programme of ongoing revision of existing rateable valuations.

As acting Commissioner of Valuation, Declan Lavelle is also responsible for the provision of valuation services to various Government Departments and State agencies and other public bodies including third level colleges, on a non-statutory basis. The Office carries out open market capital and rental valuations including valuations for rent reviews for these customers. Open market valuations are provided for properties being transferred between Government Departments, State bodies and other authorities and agencies, both local and national.

The Commissioner of Valuation is Accounting Officer for the Valuation Office and Valuation Tribunal (Vote 16).

Under the Public Service Management Act 1997, the Commissioner of Valuation has the following responsibilities:

  • managing the business generally of the Valuation Office;
  • implementing Government policies appropriate to the Office;
  • monitoring Government policies that affect the Office;
  • delivering outputs as determined with the Minister;
  • providing policy advice to the Minister on all matters within the remit of the Office;
  • preparing Strategic Plans for submission to the Minister ;
  • providing progress reports to the Minister on the implementation of the Strategic Plans;
  • ensuring proper use of resources and the provision of cost-effective public services;
  • preparing an outline of how specific responsibilities are to be assigned to other officers down through the Office;
  • managing matters relating to appointments, performance, discipline and dismissal of civil servants below the grade of Principal or its equivalent.

Chief Boundary Surveyor

As acting Chief Boundary Surveyor, Declan Lavelle is responsible for advising on the fixing of maritime and international boundaries and for the exercise of functions under the Boundary Survey (Ireland) Acts 1854 to 1859.