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Assignment of Responsibilities under the
Public Service Management Act 1997




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Early Years, Care and Education Division

Early Years, Care and Education Division is responsible for ensuring access to high quality and affordable early years and school age childcare.  This includes the development of policy and legislation; the administration of a range of childcare schemes and the associated budgetary, governance and compliance functions: regulation of the childcare sector: and a number of initiatives to develop the childcare workforce and improve the quality of services.

The Division is responsible for preparing a major 10-year cross-Government Strategy on Early Years, covering the wide-ranging needs of babies and children up to 5, and their families.

Overall management of this Division shall comprise:

managing the business generally of the Division;
managing and monitoring the overall performance of the Division;
providing policy advice to the Secretary General, MB, Minister or the Government, as appropriate;
ensuring the implementation of Government policies appropriate to the Division;
monitoring Government policies, appropriate to the Division, which affect the Department;
ensuring delivery (within the limits of resources provided) of the outputs determined by the Minister and the Secretary General;
managing the Division’s work in implementing the relevant elements of the Statement of Strategy and overseeing the provision of progress reports to the Management Board, the Secretary General and the Minister thereon;
providing policy advice to the Secretary General and the Minister on all matters within the remit of the Department which are appropriate to the Division;
ensuring the effective management of risk within the Division;
ensuring the proper use of Section resources, including effective financial management, and the provision of cost-effective public services appropriate to the Division;
overseeing the assignment of specific responsibilities to individual officers or groups or grades of officer within the Division;
managing matters relating to the appointment, performance and discipline of staff;
ensuring the appropriate co-ordination of the Division’s activities with those of other Divisions.